Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

topic posted Thu, February 24, 2005 - 11:36 AM by  Gilton
I'm so sick of this shitty ass state. If I had the money I would surely get the hell out of here. I want to tell the world what a hypocritical, sad, and pathetic place this area of the country is. It is surely Bush country. If you are black and not "BORN_AGAIN", you can kiss legitimate employment good-bye. And the department of human services and aids to the poor are such a racket. Where does the money go? But I am sure to get a rise out of all you Okie-Fanokies with all your lily white sentiments about how great Oklahoma is.
Yeah. If you are religious and white.
To everyone else it is closed and intolerant. I used to wonder when I first got here why all the black people looked so defeated. Now I know. They have been beaten down for so long that they don't know whether they are living or just playing at living.
But Bush likes it here and until there is a regime change in Washington, black democrats like me are going to get the short end of the stick. But I will never sweet talk this shitty place.

Oklahoma can go to hell for all I care.

And you can take that to the bank. A lot of bigoted and terribly stupid rednecks and cowboys. Oklahoma is to the United States what Turkey is to Europe. An embarassment.
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    Thu, February 24, 2005 - 12:30 PM
    And by the way: to all you snotty nosed white Oklahomans who think I'm just sour grapes, while I was not born here, I went to high school here and was rather celebrated in my time. I marched with Clara Luper, was her student in fact, was student body president of my high school, the first one, and was a member of the Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee and went around to schools working with students, black and white, who were going to be going to school together for the first time. For those of you who remember: blacks "did not" live on the northwest part of town. They were barred.

    And so when I came back: I had alot of influences and help. One of my business partners was a high school rival who is now a neurologist and head of the State Chapter of the American Medical Association. If you heard about the money that came into the state because Oklahoma City went from an "empowerment region" to an "empowerment zone", my words were included with the proposal prepard by the Oklahoma City Department of Planning Commission application to HUD. So this isn't about sour grapes. That money was supposed to be used to help the people who have been denied too many times by Oklahoma business. We went to churches and different civic organizations to solicit their input for a community center and housing for mixed income neighborhoods. After the monies were secured, I lost my teaching job and the monies are being used to renovate the Skirvin downtown. So as far as I am concerned, Oklahoma is bull shit.
    I talked with the mayor, Kurt Humpreys, dean of Oklahoma City University Business School, Scott Hanley, the richest black man in the state, and owner of the largest black newspaper, Russell Perry, and they all assured me that what our company was doing was necessary for our community, but when it came down to actually taking care of business, they all stabbed me in the back.
    There is fear in this town. People all act like they are your friend because they don't want you to know their real agenda which even they know is shameful: to keep Oklahoma just the way it is-- poor and destitute and divided. People are making money off misery here and they don't want anyone to know about it.

    So believe me, I gave four years of my life to make something happen and my remarks while strident are not flippant. I know the players: from Fannie Mae's Rex Smitherman to Burt Berlanguer at ERC and we got shafted it.
    I'm sure when the powers that be saw that I was trying to get the bonds underwritten by a personal friend who owns the largest black investment firm in the country, Loop Capital Markets, and that the advanced cellular automata-neural network theory behind our growth strategy based on work done by David Stark, then head of the Economic Sociology Department at Columbia University and a personal high school friend(past student body president of Putnam City High, who went on to Princeton(B.A), and Harvard(M.A. and Ph.D) that things might get shaken up.

    And shaken up is the last thing people want here. The future is happening too fast and those with skills leave this shitty place as soon as they can, and all the good people here who are trying with all their might to make a adequate living for themselves and their families get shafted. So I will hate Oklahoma as long as I live.
    My mother and father are even caught up in this corrupt BS and it sickens me.

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      Thu, February 24, 2005 - 12:32 PM
      Can I ask? what part of the state are you in?
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        Thu, February 24, 2005 - 2:06 PM
        Oklahoma City
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          Thu, February 24, 2005 - 11:00 PM
          Only been through there A few times, and I used to deliver there. I lived in Tulsa for awhile. I do know where you are comming from on the "Religious" front, I am not born again, nor do I want to be forced to be born again, what I like to tell them is, (dont push your religion on me, because I dont push my religion on you) thank you very much.
          I do hope that you find A better place to live, and Im sorry to hear how you are being treated. I wont say "I know how you feel" because I dont! But with the Religious stuff, I can Agree with you, what pisses me off is that I am told "if you dont follow Jesus, you will go to Hell.
          First of all I thought the Bible says Thou shalt not judge? am I wrong?
          So isnt saying You will go to hell judging?
          Yeah these ppl need to stop and look at there lives and think about where they are going before they tell me or you or anyone else where they are going.

          And I'll Remember to stay away from OKC.
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      Tue, April 17, 2007 - 11:55 AM
      Well Gilton,All I've got to say to you is............................


      I'm so sick of hearing the African Americans, Blacks, Coloreds, Negros and whatever else you people have decided
      to call yourselves now BITCHING about how their treated in general and Oklahoma aparently is your particular target
      I see. I'm a native of Oklahoma and also a Native American on my fathers side and the humilation and cruelty the
      Indians went through is just as bad as what your race went through, but I don't see any other people outside
      of the blacks complaining and whining all the time about how they were and are treated now. When I see and hear all
      the crap your people have been allowed to get away with including murder, rape and child molestation, it makes me
      sick. I was brought up here in Oklahoma City and went to school with allot of black kids that were my friends, but then
      when the busing started, things got really F***ed up for all us kids. I was a quiet young girl and didn't speak up allot
      and got picked on by your older black kids allot. I got so sick with my nerves that I had to drop out in the 8th grade and
      lost out on all the things teens are suppose to enjoy especially the Prom which I never got to experiance. I'm the youngest
      in my family and lived with my mom and dad which were older at this time and we lived in fear on the NE side of town being
      that we were too poor to move away after the blacks took over that side of town and totally destroyed it. Tell me, what
      makes your race so filthy and unwilling to clean up after themselves.? I always treated everyong with respect and my mom
      and dad did too, but we couldn't even go out in the car without being called all kinds of racial names such as:white patty,
      Lily White as you are so eager to through around, oh, and my favorite which I was called allot White B***h and sleazzy
      White Slut! I was only 16 when your nice young ladies were calling me that. If you don't like Oklahoma...THEN GET
      THE HELL OUT!!! And for the record I'm poor and white. Another thing, do you actually think your race were the only ones
      put into slavery? Just go to your computer and look up the Irish, they were put into slavery and the last time I looked,
      their skin was white!! There is allot of disadvantaged people other than the black race and I don't hear them Whining
      like you are. I was talking to this Taxi driver around Christmas time this last year and he is from Nigeria. He told me that
      the blacks over here treat him like S**t because as his coworker told him a Oklahoma Black, that he was causing them to
      look bad because he was working too hard and they were making "the honkys" give them what they deserve for nothing.
      He told this Taxi Driver that he hated him even though their skin was both black. Boy! that's logic for you. As for Clara Luper,
      quit bragging! as for yourself, I understand your from California, so why would you even care about her if you are willing to
      set up there in front of your computer on your BLACK A** AND INSULT OKLAHOMA. The last time I read she is from
      here. I know one thing, I'm tired of all these double standards. Blacks lately can do anything and get away with it including
      racial slurs like you have used on here, but if a white person even mentions one out of the way comment it is on the
      news and everywhere. I'm F**king sick of it!! Your like a bunch of spoiled babies wanting your way about everything.
      I'm also sick of my race setting back and pretending everything is alright when it is not. No one, no matter what color
      should have to tolerate racial slurs and be treated with unkindness even the white race which allot of us have helped
      you and marched right beside you in your protest marches. I guess they don't count.....right.? Well that's all I'm going to
      say because I have said my peace. Your a bitter Sour man and you need some professional help to undo what your
      mother and father taught you at their knee about hating the white race and blaming them all for your problems. GET REAL!!
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    Fri, February 25, 2005 - 8:24 AM
    I hope you can get out quickly. I hate your vibe.

    I'm Black and life is what you make it. Surround yourself with people that uplift you. I love Oklahoma. I was born here (moved out and back), and my family lives here.

    You will find bullcrap everywhere. Don't make it seem as if Oklahoma is the only place it exists. Hypocrite!
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      Fri, February 25, 2005 - 9:40 AM
      You know what is ironic? In the 1880s, African Americans owned banks, insurance companies, houses, had a black version of Wall Street in Tulsa, and were doing so well that the President sent an emissary to Oklahoma to see if the rumors were true. And it was. If you know Oklahoma history, Langston, Boley, and Rentiesville(where my people are from as well as John Hope Franklin, the noted black historian) were prosperous and self-governing. The even had laws on the books that didn't allow white men to be on their streets after dark for fear that they might harm their women.
      Well, you heard of the Tulsa riots. Enough said.
      No one is saying that racism only occurs in Oklahoma. What I am saying is this: "isn't it strange that the town where Roscoe Dungee, a black calling for civil rights for blacks in the 1920s, where you had black teachers from Oberlin, the Military Academy teaching black children at Douglas High School, the city where Ralph Ellison was born, where Jefferson Davis Randolph, a former teacher whose job was taken away as was the jobs of many other black teachers and given a job as a janitor in the State Capitol and who knew the law so well that Oklahoma legislators would come to him to interpret State Law, that a place with such history, place where Clara Luper led some of the early marches against segregation, where blacks could not move or go to school outside of the northeast part of town, where Judge Bohannon "ordered" school desegregation because Oklahoma City had opposed it so, that such a place would have moved away from its racist past and adopted to the times like Atlanta and the new south? Well it hasn't. It produces leaders like J.C. Watts, the "once" only black Congressional member, and it has all but destroyed the Democratic Party throughout the state. No wonder Bush loves it here. These are his people. And so are you. And that is all right. But don't call me a hypocrite.
      I marched in the streets of Oklahoma City and risked my life on numerous occasions so Oklahomans of any color could live and work and be educated where they choose. Did you? Where were you in the Sixties? Where did you live? And why did you leave if it was so cool to be here? That was then, and things are different, you say?
      Quite honestly, from looking at your profile, I don't think you're black anyway, you're "trolling" as a black person in disguise. But you can have this state and I hope people who think like you all come here to live. It works for you. It doesn't work for me.
      The pathetic thing is this: we used to all be Americans, now unless we drink the "religious" kool-aid, our patriotism is questioned, and our politics is impugned. We are two Americas. Maybe we have always been and now our true colors are finally showing.
      Yes, I guess if I were willing to give up my ideals, my values and buy into the "faith-based" thing, I probably could have made things work, do as my parents who live here--be nice little negroes and go along with the program.
      But I'm a hypocrite as you say.
      At least I'm not a fake.

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        Fri, February 25, 2005 - 9:52 AM
        Did you not read my post? I WAS BORN HERE. Of course I know the history of the state. My father had family in Boley. I attended Langston University.

        I see you have a problem with spiritual understanding, and what God is doing in the earth. Politics is a distraction. If you serve Jesus, why are you voting for a man?! The mistake a lot of people do is follow along like cattle, without reading the Holy Bible for themselves.

        You would understand that this place is but a vapor and you put your energy in learning about God. He will care for you without handouts from government. He will open doors for you without a request.

        You are trying to become something yourself, and it will not work. Mankind will always disappoint you. I didn't like your tone because like it or not, as a Black American, especially most of us in Oklahoma, have both Indian and European blood in us.

        Try to participate in Kwanzaa this year. See what we can do among ourselves.
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          Fri, February 25, 2005 - 10:22 AM
          Yes, I am trying to be something myself. Unlike you and others of your religious ilk, I am "somebody" without God. I believe in science and reason and progress and man.
          I don't need God. God is a hypothesis.
          But answer me this: If God is everything and man is nothing, doesn't it stand to reason that we have no distinctions here: something that can stand for everything can mean nothing. If we are poor: that is God's plan; if we are rich: that is God's plan; If Hitler murdered six million Jews; that is God's plan; if one preacher tells me that he is "chosen" and it doesn't matter what he does, he is going to heaven; that is God's plan; if another preacher tells me not to eat pork; it is God's plan.
          While I wouldn't put it this way, I can sympathize with Marx's words: "religion is the opiate of the people".

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            Fri, February 25, 2005 - 10:58 AM
            I follow the Holy Bible without adding or deleting anything from it. Not the manufacturered religion that has been commercialized to bring another understanding (fake movies, holidays, images, etc.). It is a story of people who has a history of slavery. Stop. Think. With that thought, what group of people do you think of?

            I'm going to use caps just to make my responses stand out. It's not shouting. :-)

            "If God is everything and man is nothing, doesn't it stand to reason that we have no distinctions here: something that can stand for everything can mean nothing."

            Proverb:20:24: Man's goings are of the LORD; how can a man then understand his own way?


            "If we are poor: that is God's plan;"

            "if we are rich: that is God's plan;"

            If Hitler murdered six million Jews; that is God's plan;

            "if one preacher tells me that he is "chosen" and it doesn't matter what he does, he is going to heaven;"

            "that is God's plan; if another preacher tells me not to eat pork; it is God's plan."

            God is real and alive. Do you think the universe is by chance? All the planets and moons, 10,000 different trees, 9,000 different birds, the seasons/climates, 1,000 of languages, etc.. Its all to help us realize how magnificent He is, because He is worthy of praise and worship. When you realize this, your life will be abundant and fulfilling.
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              Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

              Tue, March 1, 2005 - 6:45 PM
              Well in case you've been too wrapped up in yourself we are all slaves, have always been slaves, and always will be slaves to the few holier- then- thou white men that we pay homage too inadvertently by funding there beastly agendas. You need to get your self out of that fairytale you call the bible, and come fight for your freedom cause if you don't you won't have a bible. No ones comming down to rescue you. BTW why do you have a white woman's face on your pic spot? Are you ashamed to be black? Maybe thats the problem, you have no balls; you hide behind the pages of a book. Is that the example your wanting to get across to us? If so, I'm not converted nor impressed. AMEN.
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            Fri, February 25, 2005 - 11:01 AM
            For the other readers of these posts, Divine is a perfect example of the Oklahoma mind-set. This is how these people think. She is not alone: the only self-made billionaire who made his fortune selling picture frames is a born-again Christian. You can not reason with them. Life, Destiny is in the tea-leaves. Without God, we are nothing.

            So where is individual initiative? individual effort? individual drive?
            This is the double-talk so aptly prophesized by Orwell in "1984". And with this drive toward "creative design", that abomination, do they really believe they can overthrow thousands of years of theoretical science? We have a president who believes in this drivel?

            Divine, thank you for responding. You have made my case. You have demonstrated the Oklahoman Christian mentality I am up against.

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              Wed, August 15, 2007 - 8:08 PM
              For the record, I'm an Oklahoman (proud of it) and totally NOT Christian. I've lived here pretty much all my life. The only issues that I've ever ran into were because of my religious choices, not because of race or political beliefs. To say that all of Oklahoma is bad is just your poor pathetic way of dealing with the fact that YOU can't make it in Oklahoma. I work hard at one full-time job and a second part-time job as a nurse. The key here is that I work hard. I don't try to ride on someone else's glory. I don't brag about who I know, who I've gone to school with, or what I ate for dinner. I WORK!! And, like has already been stated, if you don't like Oklahoma, get the hell out! We don't need or want people like you here anyway.
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    Fri, February 25, 2005 - 4:39 PM
    This state has no shortage of problems, but its problems are far from unique. That especially includes the racism thing.

    I've lived in a lot of places and have to say New York City is the most bigoted place I've ever lived. There are so many different factions there divided by race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, etc. While Oklahoma has plenty of bigoted "crackers" I think it is pretty tame by comparison.

    I do have to say Lawton is a bit different, being largely a military and industrial town. There's not a lot of money here, but it is more integrated than probably any other city in the state.

    As for the broad "FU" to all the "lily white, punk ass" people here, that sounds pretty damned racist to me. I don't like being called that, or "stupid redneck" or anything else like that. I'm not going to be made ashamed or feel wrong for being born White.

    I remember grade school in New Mexico and Arizona, having to tolerate lots of Latino kids calling me "honkey" because George Jefferson or Freddie Prinze said it on TV. Because I was white, I guess that made it all OK. A couple years later, I'm living in Japan, dealing with kids there calling me "gaijin." The group is the most important thing in Japanese culture. "Gaijin" loosely translated means outsider, but the word is meant in just as derogatory a manner as the N-word here. Unfortunately, there is no "cool factor" in some American kids high-fiving each other saying, "my gaijin."

    Oklahoma has its assholes and idiots, but there's lots of good people in this state too. The bible bashing fundamentalists irritate the shit out of me. But I know honestly good, generous people who are religious as well. Flipping the bird to the state is basically doing that to every single person living here. It's just too broad an attack. "Oklahoma" in itself is just a concept drawn on a map.

    The people to attack are those individuals responsible for the problem. I think broad statements like Oklahoma Sucks or America Sucks just lets a lot of those jerks off the hook.

    Furthermore, I'm pretty introspective when it comes to big broad problems. What am I doing to make things better or worse? That's where most Americans fail pitifully.

    One example: we all hate it how health care costs are skyrocketing dangerously out of control. But there's still many millions of Americans who insist on smoking like chimney stacks and eating all sorts of fat-laden food not worth shit. They won't take any damned responsibilty for their own actions. Between 70% and 80% of all people admitted to hospitals are there for illness caused by bad choices in lifestyle (nearly all of it being the smoking and poor diet thing).

    What does that have to do with racism? Simple. Try not to throw around racial slurs in public when voicing anger about how someone did you wrong. I'm sure those guys deserve a good ass beating for what they did to you. But targeting people like me who were not involved is just not fair.
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      Sat, February 26, 2005 - 1:59 PM
      I have said my piece.
      Enough said.

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        Sun, February 27, 2005 - 6:12 AM
        Well don't feel alone, anyone. Every citizen who works for a living is getting the screwing of there life, and it isn't gonna get any better. I have lived here for 6.5 years and I am a female truck driver and I know how you feel about prejudice. I have been through more jobs in the past 6 years then I have in the last 17! Its the old women should be at home and cooking syndrome. But I think I have found a progressive place now and I do have a 10 acre parcel that is totally in the woods, so when I am home I can be anywhere, get my drift? It's bad everywhere folks, don't expect it to get any better any time soon. Good luck to all in there searching.
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          Tue, March 1, 2005 - 1:56 PM
          Thank you for your kind words
          I came back to Oklahoma due to adverse circumstances, but still I believed I had something that could really help this state. I started a company in Illinois and was quite successful until I ran awry with the IRS. States have a rather covetous relationship with those who are its natural denizens. Illinois although good to me, I was not from Illinois. I am from California and that is probably where I should go back. I will not stop trying to build my company but I think I should have gotten the message: I am not wanted here and that is all right. Yes, there are many fine people in Oklahoma and many of those people I know. But rather than try to squeeze a square peg into a round hole, just pick up and go where you are wanted. I am sure there are other states that can use what I have.

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            Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

            Tue, March 1, 2005 - 7:06 PM
            well.....i had to quit another job.....came back to the yard this week and someone stole the tires off my truck! just bought them too, $450.00. But hey folks thats not the bad one. I was working for this company off council rd. and I-40....did the company a favor and ran a California for them for over the weekend....well when I got back on tuesday, I went to start my pickup and somebody, over the weekend, had stole my starter and 1/2 my driveline to the tune of $1200 bucks. Company didn't even say sorry or well actually just they ignored me, I quit. (Welcome to Okieville,America; home of the free new and used auto parts store.)
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    Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

    Tue, March 1, 2005 - 8:43 PM
    i've lived and worked all around the world...and what i find is...lilfe is what you make it no matter where you live. if you look for "bad" in anyplace you will find it! like wise if you look for the good in a place you will also find it...
    i do hope you find the peace your seeking. i'm an athist and yet i find some very open minded people here in oklahoma city...
    for real, i do wish you all the best in finding what your seeking.
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      Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

      Wed, March 2, 2005 - 11:34 AM
      SEEKING: one junk pickup that nobody wants parts off of. Maybe I should put a sign on my ride that says "I only want good things please do not part out my truck while I am working." Think that will work???
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    Thu, March 3, 2005 - 5:41 PM
    I can't stand it any longer....I love u ...I am a mexican/native...I know where you're coming from...however...there's worst shit that can happen. I used to feel the same way...but it's like Einstein said..."It's all relative"... meaning it depends on your PERSPECTIVE/////////////////////
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      Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

      Thu, March 3, 2005 - 6:49 PM
      • Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

        Sat, March 5, 2005 - 3:11 PM
        man, I haven't got to have this conversation in ages.

        Gilton, cheers. Looking at my childhood and what went for normal attitudes and behavoir, I am a little ashamed. Talking to my younger sister, and seeing how my parents have changed over the years, the place is just bad. You can only fight it for so long, and it gets everyone in the end unless they leave. You're right Gilton, you either give up or join.

        You always have to make what you can of any place you live, but giving Oklahoma that much ground is giving it an excuse to stay the way it is. Blacks aren't just defeated there, I think everyone outside the norm has long ago given up or will. Grr.... and sigh....
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          Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

          Sun, March 6, 2005 - 11:37 AM
          actually Californians have discovered oklahoma now.....there selling there homes for 1/2 a mil and moving here and buying all kinds of maybe this place will be infiltrated by non-natives and it will be forced to change.....
          • Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

            Sun, March 6, 2005 - 6:30 PM
            I only hope all the transplanted Californians arriving change things bit just a little bit.

            Given the fact Oklahoma has a median income level about 10% below the national average, the last thing this state needs is prices on everything spiking way up through the roof while everyone's pay stays stuck at the same level. Orange County style prices need to stay back there at the west coast. Otherwise we'll see the "misery index" ramped up to awful new degrees.
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              Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

              Sun, March 6, 2005 - 8:48 PM
              Orange County... I don't know about those prices but the bay area where I'm from is insane. My home town, you can't even find decent houses under 300,000 anymore. I think median price was like 350 before I left and is closer to 4 now.
          • Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

            Tue, March 8, 2005 - 3:50 AM
            Tornado season is very scary for new residents. We'll see how long they last after the first year.

            Only the strong survive.

            • Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

              Sat, June 11, 2005 - 5:59 PM
              Wow. I feel kind of sheltered. I was born and raised in California and am moving to TN. Although I know rascism exists out here- it is definately not as "accepted" as out there. I know nothing other than black-white-mexican......all the same. I live in the valley and would never put myself -due to race or anything else- above any other. I hope TN is not like that- I dont know how to deal with that.
              I am also a believer in Christ, but niether a Bible THumper or a "shove Jesus down your throat so you dont burn" type of CHristian. We are actually moving out there to bring the churches in the Bible Belt to their knees. Stop with the "religion" and judgment. No more of this turn or burn crap. It's no wonder the south is either Brutally Religious or COmpletley against God/Jesus. The true foundation & teachings of Christ have been long forgotten. The only people that Christ spokje out against with such vengance was the religious hypocrits.
              • Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

                Sun, June 12, 2005 - 9:01 AM
                I appreciate Oklahoma for what it is, and I don't know why anyone would hate it. There is amazing strength in Oklahoma, Former President Clinton said it best at the Memorial earlier this year Oklahomans can be a model for others to learn how to survive.

                Granted, the state has a lot of problems, but just lamenting about it does nothing and I would like to believe that it won't be the people moving into Oklahoma but native born Oklahomans' that will turn the state around.
                • Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

                  Sun, June 12, 2005 - 4:44 PM
                  By the way,
                  All the money secured for the empowerment zone, where is it going? Last week, the ex-mayor's son, Grant "Humphprey", will get ting most of it to develop condominiums in this depressed area. Average cost? $225,000. So this was where all my work was ultimately going. This is why they are trying to bury me now. Cover their tracks. If Jesus were alive he would marching angrily through their temples and pulling down the pillars.

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                    Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

                    Sun, June 12, 2005 - 5:18 PM
                    Well since I have broken my silence, let me explain why I find the religious right's insistence to teach intelligent design so odious.

                    Karl Popper, a philosopher wrote an excellent book titled "The Open Society and Its Enemies". In this book, Popper writes about the methodology of science.

                    Evolution is a good theory because it is "falsifiable". This means that if you can come up with a better theory to explain the parallel "isomorphism" between the physical features of related species(man and chimp) and the "isomorphism" between their DNA sequences(97% the same) then you can jettison evolution. Until this is done, evolution is the best we have. All science is tentative.
                    On the other hand, Intelligent Design has no fasifiability factor. Its premise is built upon faith and implausibility. The argument I hear quoted is this: The chances of man evolving from lower forms is like the chances of a tornado going through a junkyard and building a 747. Well that may be so.
                    However, evolution is not making that claim. It is saying that the chances that DNA being built up and broken down over many millenia did create various life forms that over time came to create our species, whether we like it or not. The evidence is overwhelming. To augment their argument: I would say that the chances of a tornado going through a soup of DNA(blueprints) over a few billion years and finally coming up with a blue print for man is probably pretty good. But this is all the Evangelicals have. They can't do science, or good science because they don't respect man. Without God, man is nothing. You don't get this drivel from prominent theologians like Hans Kung, or Paul Ricoeur or Elaine Pagels at Princeton. Christianity is more of a mystery than a certitude. And real Christianity is concerned with the plight of the poor and "preterite" and not an apology or excuse for the materially avaricious to justify their greed with spiritual pallatives.("You can have it all: materialism, Mammon, and spirituality; God and Caesar.)
                    We need a Sinclair Lewis, a H.G. Wells to fight this plight of the religious right who are extremely dangerous to America and mankind. I am so sick of their pernicious garbage I could vomit. I get sick when I am around them. They are so certain, so sure, so convinced that they have the ear of God. They give religion such a bad name. My two cents.

                    • Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

                      Mon, June 13, 2005 - 8:05 AM
                      Well Gilton, I could debate you- but I dont know what good it would do- we would both just end up agreeing to disagree. And my fingers would hurt from all the typing :) I will say that I believe that Science and God go hand in hand. Anyway, I am sorry to hear how your hard work has been dismissed, but I am sure more people see it than you think and because you are out to changethings for the better....I wouldn't stop just because of some bigot idiots. The world needs more people willing to step up and chage things fopr the better and there will alway be someone trying to stop you. Happens everytime. When you give up- you truely let them win.
                      • Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

                        Tue, June 14, 2005 - 12:28 AM
                        You appear to be a good Christian and I bear you no ill will. I promised myself to stop flaming on this issue and my harsher side got the best of me. You're right: can't stop now. I think Americans are beginning to wake up to the machinations of the right. I think when people look back on this time they are going to wonder what people were thinking to let things get so far out of hand. I'm an old Sixties rebel and with the outing of deep throat and talk about Watergate and the liberal bashing, we seem to be fighting the Vietnam War all over again. It is as if certain people just won't give it up. To them, everything went bad in the Sixties. Well, if they hadn't fought integration and equal rights and fair housing and widespread discrimination, the Sixties wouldn't have been necessary. But they leave this all out. And because of these sour grapes, they had to invent their own civil rights movement: the civil rights for unborn children. Dann the woman, "put her back in the kitchen where she belongs", and if having a child will kill her, so be it. And this all comes from their reading of the bible.
                        I guess this comes from "thou shall not kill". And as soon as the sperm touches the egg we have a human being. I think not. But I've said my peace.

                        • Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

                          Tue, June 28, 2005 - 12:23 AM
                          You are a wise man and I have no problem with you expressing your anger but I must say I am not lilly white I am Italian lol.

                          My point is...... say what you have to say.....I know exactly what you mean about the CHRISTAINS....they make me sick.

                          Man you have alot to give as far as educating young people, don't give up on yourself.....have you ever thought about writing a book or starting a blog.....Cause you are saying things people need to hear.....white or black....I know this may sound trite but I do think we have come a long way in this country......BUT WE HAVE TOO MANY LAWS !

                          poverty is illegal...did you not get the memo???

                          hell you have to have a permit to fish to eat ....ITS ALLL ABOUT FEES....WE ARE IN THE LAND OF THE FEE!

                          its WHITE LAWYERS , making laws "out lawing poverty" Ie...Auto Insuarance laws .....then ya got child support enforcement, putting men in jail, even when they have a good cause for not paying.......theres so much injustice going down because of the gov.....its not just black people being effected, but I see they bear the brunt first....

                          Well < I will shut up now but thank you for saying what you really feel.......Chaz
                          • Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

                            Tue, June 28, 2005 - 8:55 AM
                            You know, I am somewhat new to this whole tribe thing. I am a stay a t home mother of 2 and really dont get out much---used to do a LOT of volunteering in the prison system, but haven't done that since my sin was born. One thing that has bothered me to no end is that on EVERY tribe I read there is some comment on those "CHRISTIANS".....I must say that is just as bad as saying those "blacks who shoot people" those "mexicans raping all of our women" those "whites hording their millions while the poor man starves" etc.... I am SO SICK of being lumped together with a group of idiots calling themselves Christians misrepresenting what Christ actually was. But just as bad I am sick of people automatically disregarding most of what I have to say because I get labeled "that Christian".
                            What exactly have I done to "make you sick"
                            Live a happy life? Volunteer in my community to make it a better place? Love my neighbor? See no color? If I said I was buddhist and did all these things you'd say- right on. But because I believe in Christ than all of a sudden I am self -righteous and hypocritical and am making you sick.
                            Be careful who you lump with who. There are a lot of "Christians" out there that dont stand on street corners with signs that say "God hates F*gs" and "turn or burn". I am one of those and know many. I believe many churches today misrepresent A LOT. I speak out against my "fellow brethren" and the crap they do to make me and my God look like fools. Dont mistake me for an idiot because my beliefs are not to your standards. That is just as judgemental as many of those claiming to speak for God.
                            • Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

                              Tue, June 28, 2005 - 8:56 AM
                              Uh yeah--- since my SON was born,
                              Ironic typo huh?
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                                Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

                                Tue, June 28, 2005 - 9:04 AM
                                If I said I was buddhist and did all these things you'd say- right on.

                                Thats because buddhists dont force there religion on others and dont spew hatered like the christians do. so yes I guess you are right if you were buddhist we would say right on. I am sure that you are a very nice person and I am sorry that a few "christian elite" or whatever you wanna call them, screw it up for everyone else.
                                • Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

                                  Tue, June 28, 2005 - 9:15 AM
                                  Christians dont spew hatred, idiots do. Thats what I mean about lumping people together. The basis of CHrists teachings are important aspect many chose to overlook.
                                  I wouldnt call them the elite, I'd call them the radicals.
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                            Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

                            Tue, June 28, 2005 - 8:58 AM
                            I think the both of you have said what alot of us feel but just could'nt express or feared to say! thanks for bringing out the truth. and as for the Christians yes I agree.
                            • Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

                              Sat, July 2, 2005 - 2:32 PM
                              Can't we all just get along???

                              I think the whole USA is messed up and the idea of freedom in this country is a joke....Sit and write down an area of your life, where the gov. has not made a law or found a way for you to answer to them.....And we have freedom of speech....EXCEPT IN COURT.....So its all a joke, we are killing ourselves with LAWS......And you live in the land of the FEE !! So stop bitching and submit to LAW so you can be FREE !
  • Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

    Wed, February 7, 2007 - 11:56 PM
    I just joined this group. So I'm not sure if this topic is still even being commented on.

    Anyway, I am sorry that you've had such a bitter experience in Oklahoma. Like others have said, I don't think that bad experiences/racism/corruption are limited to people living in this area. Nor do I think that only bad can come from this state.

    I'm a half Filipino/half caucasian mix and I've lived here since I was one year old. I think there are problems in this state, but I know people who are everyday trying to make their lives and other's better by living a decent life. Why is it so hard to see those people? Do you truly think that there are more racists then people who aren't?
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      Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

      Thu, February 8, 2007 - 1:26 AM
      Well hell I'm lilly white I suppose but reall I'm what I'd like to say sort of poverty line
      American Irish, English, German, Blackfoot Native Indian American. Yep lot's of shit sucks here
      but when your filled with such seething anger shit will suck just about anyhwere one goes,
      It's really not fair to judge thoguh just by color. I look at your face and see other lines of heritage.
      Especially in that beautiful child you hold. I live 30 miles N. of OOKC in Guthrie.
      The community is very mixed with all ethinic backgrounds in all the work forces.
      Prejudice works both ways. I am only prejudiced to those who are prejudiced against me.
      Lily white yes my skin is but that does not make me what I am inside at all it just makes me sunburn to a crisp.
      • Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

        Thu, February 8, 2007 - 12:47 PM
        I like this post. :)

        The sunburn thing reminds me of my dad. He's Scottish/Irish/German/ mix, so any time in the sun turns him pink. It was kind of funny (but mostly sad) how some people assumed I was his young "mail order" bride when we went out walking because I don't really look anything like him.

        And yeah, I've had prejudice come from both ways-white and "ethinic." Also from the supposed "tolerant" left.
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          Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

          Thu, February 8, 2007 - 8:52 PM
          Oh my Daughter hated her even whiter skin thanmine so much she really wanted to marry a dark man to not have light skinned kids. She dated to nice young handsome guys of mixed African American Indian and African Spanish ohhhhlala on him. Anyway she ended up marrying a lilly white freckled boy. true love..he's a good kid too . I think I'd better buy stock in some sort of sun screen.
  • Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

    Tue, April 24, 2007 - 5:49 PM
    I just have to say this - I don't believe in bigotry, but evidently you do! Take the time to read on! I have a job, I work hard at it, I pay taxes, a lot in taxes, and evidently, unlike you, I have worked hard all my life, not expecting a handout from "Social Services" like you! I completed high school, borrowed money, went to college, and worked the next ten years paying off student loans. A lot of people I know went through the same thing. Others, well, they were part of the swinging doors of the department of corrections, bitching about the "lack of handouts they didnt get, and the lack of opportunities," while they got high and wasted any money they were given or managed to steal.

    "Like a lot of folks in this state I have a job. I work, they pay me. I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as it sees fit. In order to get that paycheck, I am required to pass a random urine test, with which I have no problem.

    What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who don't have to pass a urine test. Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare check because I have to pass one to earn it for them??

    Please understand, I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet. I do on the other hand have a problem with helping someone sitting on their ass. Could you imagine how much money the state would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance check?????

    Please pass this along if you agree or simply Delete if you don't. Hope you all will pass it along, though. Something has to change in this country and soon!!!!! "

    Those of you that don't agree, well, join Gilton and ROT in your own self made poverty and pity.

    Gilton, Get a Fu*&ing Life, and get out of Oklahoma, go to New Orleans and join the Katrinites that were given much more than they had before, and still want more.
  • Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

    Tue, May 8, 2007 - 6:28 PM
    From the way this topic has played out I would have to say Oklahoma must suck. Or at the majority of Okies who are on this forum. Yeah, sure there are lots of bible thumpers and blah blah blah. But who cares, I wait tables for a living, everyday i meet new people and talk about a wide range of topics with them. Although i have had many people ask me to visit their church, I have not once had another person shove religion down my throat.

    The politics do suck here, as they do everywhere. Politics are about control, and any body who tries to change the system by fighting fire with fire is in for a sad awakening... There will only be a bigger and even more consuming fire. If you want to change things, you have to go under the system, around it, and over it. The world changes one person at a time. Spend more time loving and less time fighting and you will see the seeds of your life grow and fruit.

    P.S. to who ever moderates this group, why do you allow this topic? Having moderated a number of different forums online, I have found that while freedom of speech is at the utmost core of idea and information sharing, sometimes one has to toss out a rotten apple to prevent the whole basket from spoiling.
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      Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

      Tue, May 8, 2007 - 9:32 PM
      Thank you for not censoring this topic or this tribe mod!
      • Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

        Wed, July 4, 2007 - 1:29 PM
        OK, I haven't been following Tribe much lately & was surprised by what I've read here. Like Ryan, I'm glad this topic wasn't's made for some very interesting reading.

        I'm a California transplant.....<gasp>....well, sorta anyway. When we first moved here, I hated was total cultural shock for me! I cried everyday for weeks becasue I was so homesick for Los Angeles. HOWEVER, I have met some great people here. I went out of my way to find more liberal minded people, not because I hate religious conservatives, but because we have very little in why bother. And I have been able to find liberal people right here in little ol' Enid, so I know not everyone from Oklahoma is an uptight, racist, conservative. As a Jew, I've had my problems with Christains, but I believe everyone is entitled to their own beliefs......just leave me alone, and I'll leave you alone! I don't wanna convert ya......being Jewish ain't easy, so why would I wanna try and force anyone to join 'our Tribe'??? Oh, and I don't wanna join yours either, so back off!!

        As for being scared away from Oklahoma by torrnadoes.......been there, done that. Did I mention I grew up in the Chicago area??? We had some killer tornadoes there too. AND, then there was that little ol' hurricane we had when I was visiting grandma in West Palm Beach....not fun! Oh, there were also a number of 5+ point earthquakes...not to mention the 6.7 one.....and then there was this little canyon fire that came down the slope & within 2 blocks of our house.......nope, not leaving Oklahoma because of tornadoes.

        One last thing, there is racisim in California, Illinois and the East Coast and all places in between. It seems to me that everybody hates somebody for some reason and that's just a fact of life that we all have to deal with like it or not.
        • Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

          Thu, July 5, 2007 - 11:05 PM
          I think in Oklahoma - you almost have a RESPONSIBILITY to expose your neighbors to culture.
          It's all there - but it's in HIDING!
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            Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

            Mon, July 9, 2007 - 3:49 PM
            <One last thing, there is racisim in California, Illinois and the East Coast and all places in between. It seems to me that everybody hates somebody for some reason and that's just a fact of life that we all have to deal with like it or not.>

            Something I've noticed about the racism in OKC is that it is kind of subtle. What I mean is that... well... I am from Mid Missouri. There is racism there too, but it is more in your face, meaning that the racist folks are right up front about it. Here I've met some great people, gotten to know them, then suddenly, seamingly out of nowhere they drop the N bomb, say something derogatory about Mexicans or American Indians and of course non Christians.

            It's kind of disconserting and I'm not really sure what to do about it.
            • Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

              Mon, July 9, 2007 - 6:51 PM
              I've noticed that too. It is more subtle here & I'm not sure why that is. In some ways, I think maybe it's better when it's right up front, at least then, you know the persons true feelings. When that happens to me, I always wonder what they really think of me that they're not saying.

              What's really funny tho is when they accidently say something antisemetic. They always get all flustered & point out that they REALLY didn't mean me.....they were only talking about Jews in general!
              • Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

                Tue, July 31, 2007 - 7:16 PM
                You are so right! what a hideous shit hole that state is. I have a Master's degree in Information Systems Management as well as an MBA with a concentration in health information systems administration. I moved to Tulsa from Santa Barbara, CA with my wife to be closer to her family in Kansas...i looked for jobs and had several interviews most of these I spoke to the interviewer prior to the interview and in almost every case they seemed excited about my education, experience, aand qualifications..but I would go in for interview after interview only to hear nothing back; not even a we hired someone else or you're not quite what we were lookin for; nothing! The only thing I could think of was I didn't fit the mold of the beat down subservient nigger that the typical Oklahoma redneck piece of shit thought I should fit. I honestly believe that they were intimated by me because the typical black person in Tulsa worked at fast food places or Wal-Mart or some other low end pathetic service based job competing with white trash that the only thing going for them was their skin color and at the low rung on the ladder their white skin didn't mean shit--they hated that because they were lumped in wiht the ignorant niggers they dispised so much. That state sucks ass, the people there are idiots, bigots, and lemmings--I cannot think of a single thing that that shit hole contributes to this country--except maybe white trash slave labor and meth....fuck Oklahoma fuck all you ignorant inbred piece of shit crackers...
              • Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

                Sun, August 26, 2007 - 6:46 AM
                I've noticed that a lot of people in OK-especially people moving from a smaller town-grew up with a lot of prejudices and stereotypes from older generations. Even when they know they are not true and try to change, they'll often find themselves slipping or saying things that don't mean anything to them because they heard their parents and neighbors say it for their first 18 years.

                For example, my friend Stuart is one of the least racist people I know. But he came from the town of Okeene, which is still pretty racist-I think the only black people that live there (a family or two) are living almost outside the town. A year ago, part of his fence fell down and he had to put up a makeshift barrier. He was griping about it and in front of our friend Rod (who is black) said that he was going to have to "nigger rig" something to keep the dog in, until it was properly repaired. Rod wasn't offended, but Stuart got embarassed and apologized.

                There have been other instances like that with people I know. There have also been incidents where its obvious the people are hiding their contempt from you under a guise of being "polite." Usually, its pretty easy to tell the differences between someone who is genuinely prejudiced/racist and someone who doesn't realize that stuff they've heard all their lives is offensive and wrong. But maybe that's because I've spent most of my life here.
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                  Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

                  Thu, September 27, 2007 - 1:44 PM
                  hey i left 25 years ago and never looked back, now i have been all over the world killed people in a fucked up war and still dont wanna go back. oklahoma needs a super volcano
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                    Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

                    Thu, September 27, 2007 - 4:41 PM
                    Oklahoma has potential ,but we need some leaders that will bring in the good paying jobs. Yes I came back to this state because it's better then most of the other places I have been. ( for friendly people, and easy traffic patterns) don't believe me go to Philly, New York, Chicago, LA , Ive been too them all and they all SUCK!!!!! What Pisses me off is Ark. Mo. Tx. all have high tek. jobs that pay well but Okla (tulsa area) cant bring in anything but low paying restaurant, or call center jobs, because the leaders can't or don't want to give tax incentives to bring in the Higher paying jobs too the state.
  • Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

    Sat, February 9, 2008 - 9:01 PM
    "The sea weed is always greener in someone else's sea." - The Little Mermaid

    How about instead of complaining, you do something. Instead of leaving Oklahoma in the hope and assumption that there is a better place, why not make this place better. Nothing ever got better by complaining. It all starts with your attitude, your perception and not your feet fleeing in anger. It could have started with this post. Instead of saying how bad it is and that you want to leave, maybe say some inlightening words on why it should not be this way.

    I understand that this is easier said than done, and furthermore, I have no solutions of the top of my head other than stay more positive.
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      Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

      Sat, March 8, 2008 - 5:29 PM
      Ok Valgor thats a good point, i guess my enlightening advice would be to EVACUATE the area. No just kidding, i dont know what to say. What could help Oklahoma. if texas fell in the water we might be able to do something with the coast?
      • Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

        Thu, March 27, 2008 - 2:16 AM
        I was sitting here re-reading all this and it hit me.....its about time we can just thrown it all out there and have conversations like this on this forum........its 2008 and I am glad we can cuss and fight and say off the wall things on here....but when all is said and done, we are all Americans.....I fear that IDEA is losing ground as we let our gov. take over more and more of our lives. Its really scary....YOU WON'T KNOW IT , UNTIL YOU HAVE TO ANSWER TO THEM.
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    Re: Lily-White, Punk-Ass Oklahoma: F*** You

    Sun, August 14, 2011 - 10:55 AM
    man get over yourself Gilton...seriously. You act like just because youre a fkkin kon gee ohn you have it so bad. Oklahoma means ''red people'' in chickasaw and choctaw it means 'red people'...Oklahoma was the largest concentration camp in the world and inspiration for hitler.LOL and you want to be treated nice there as a non-white... You are wasting your breath on caucasian inbred brain-damaged religion saturated fukktards why do that. Oklahoma is a trap and if you let it get to you, then you will never escape. Stfu take a shitty job or two and gtfo of there ASAP. You know how they came to be called Sooners? bahahahahahhahaha fkkk all you ho thaw koy oklahoma rednecks...

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